Why Broadcast Message Status Stuck On Progress?

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While broadcasting template messages through Multichannel, the status of the broadcast messages will be divided into 3

  1. Success (Delivered/Read)
  2. Failed (Failed)
  3. On Progress (Sent/Queued/Sending)

Queued/Sending means that the broadcast is still in process, you need to wait a while.

There are several reasons why the template message statuses are stuck Sent:

  • The phone you are trying to send the message to is inactive or has no data connection
  • The customer block the WABA number
  • The number is inactive although a valid account
  • Has not accepted WhatsApp's new Terms of Service and Privacy Policy
    If because of this, unfortunately, the message will not be received on the customer's WhatsApp. The customer needs to send a message to the WABA number first or directly accept the Terms of Service by clicking the following link privacy policy. We've already feedback to WhatsApp's team to improve the process.
  • If there is no issue with all above, contact us for further investigation.

The status will change when the number you were trying to send the message to is activated or unblocked your WABA, but it doesn't have an exact timeline. As of now, there is no way to check if an account blocked your WABA or is just inactive.

Please do note that while the status message is on progress, it will not reduce your broadcast template quota/credit.


At this time, the status will be expired within 30 days and will not be retried, but WhatsApp may change this policy at any time.

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