Why are my videos or files sent as URL?

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While trying to send a video or file through Multichannel to the client's WhatsApp account, you may find this anomaly:

What you are sending through Multichannel:

How the client may receive it:


This is happening because the video format we were trying to send was .MOV which is not one of the supported formats that be able to be received by WhatsApp.  

If this thing happens, please check what kind of video or file format you were trying to send through the Multichannel.

As guidance, we have a list of what files are supported and able to be received by WhatsApp:


Aside from the extension issue, the anomaly may also happen, caused by the size limit of each file.

Sometimes if the file is too big, it can only be seen as a URL to the customer.

Make sure the files you are trying to send are following our guidelines to prevent any issue while trying to send your files. As additional info, our dashboard generally works good at 20MB, so even if the document file size is 100MB, kindly please change them to 20MB at most.


Additional Note:

For Media Header Attachment, you can refer to this article How Big The File That I Can Attach to a WABA Template? – Qiscus Help

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