How to create Facebook Business Manager Account?

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You need a personal Facebook account to create a Facebook Business Manager account. This is done because it will be safer to log in via a personal Facebook account than just entering an email and password.

Step 1: Create a Business Manager Account

  1. Go to
  2. Click Login in the upper right corner which functions to connect you with the Facebook account that you have
  3. Login to your personal Facebook account by entering your Facebook email and password
  4. After login, click Create Account button
  5. Enter a name for your business, your name, and your work email address, and click Next
  6. Enter your business details and click Submit

Step 2: Confirmation Email

  1. Open your email and click Confirm Now to confirm your business email

For detailed information, you can refer to this link: 


Create Facebook Business Manager Account With Embed Sign Up

What is easier than one click away from creating a Facebook Business Manager (FB BM)?

Yes, now you can create an FB BM right away from our Omnichannel Platform by using the embedded sign-up method, please make sure you have access to your Omnichannel dashboard, you can contact our Business team if you haven't gotten access from here.

Steps to create FB BM through embedded sign-up:

  1.  Log in to your Omnichannel Dashboard and go to the integration section

  2. Click on WhatsApp Integration > Apply With Facebook

  3. After clicking on Apply with Facebook, you will be asked to log in to your personal Facebook account which will be used as the admin account. Please ensure your personal account has been active for at least 4 weeks, in order to create an FB BM.

  4. Click on login to Facebook

  5. Click continue if what is shown is your personal account which you wanted to make the FB BM with

  6. Click "Get Started" > and then Continue

  7. After choosing to continue you will see this menu, choose "Create new Meta business account"

  8. Fill out all the details, and click continue

  9. The system will set up the account for you, it might take a while.

  10. After your account is finished and settled up, you can close the window, open this link to see your Facebook Business Manager Account, and Continue the Business verification by clicking Start Verification.

  11. Now you can proceed to business verification, follow this guide to verify your business account and get your WABA LIVE!


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