New WABA Pricing FAQ

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When will these changes be officially implemented on Qiscus?

On 2 February 2022, 13:00 GMT+7, the new system in Qiscus Multichannel will be released for all accounts. Some accounts might will get this release earlier.


How to self top-up a WABA Credit?

Just like before you can still request to top-up your credit through us with a minimum of IDR 500.000,00. You can also self top-up your credit by navigating to the Outbound Message page as shown in the screenshot below. See the full information here.



How many free sessions my account will get each month?

Qiscus does provide every account with free sessions/credit, the amount will depend on the plan currently subscribed by the account. You can contact the Account Manager for the detail.


How can we determined whether the conversation is Business-Initiated (BI) or Customer-Initiated (CI)

In the new model we have two different model of pricing, the pricing will differ based on who send the first message after the chat room is initiated or after 24 hour session has ended. If the message is sent by  your agent then it'll use Business Initiated Pricing Schema and vice versa. See these scenarios.


Why my Auto Responder not working for WhatsApp Channel?

The new pricing schema will cause unintended charge to your account. Since every reply sent by your account after the room has been initiated or sent after 24 hour session will be charged. But if you still want to activate the auto-responder for your WhatsApp Channel you still can do it by navigating to Integration Page then go to the WhatsApp Section.


Then Click Settings for the WhatsApp Number that you want to add the Auto-Responder to.


Make sure to activate the toggle. By activating the toggle you agree to allow Auto-Responder to reduce your WhatsApp Credit in case the Auto Responder respond to messages initiated in the new session or already pass 24hr session.


To set the respond message, you can click on the Set Channel Auto Responder button, and set your messages. Don't forget to click the Save Changes button at the bottom of the page.



I have Free Sessions, Converted Quota and Credit, How Multichannel will determine the priority?

Multichannel will use Free Session first, then using Converted Quota if available after, when both already used then Multichannel will use your Credit.
BI: Free session > Quota > Credit
CI: Free session > Credit


So, I will lose my previous Quota after these changes?

Yes, for quotas purchased on the 6 Sep 2021 - 31 Jan 2022


Will this affects how my business send WhatsApp Broadcast Message?

A bit different from the previous model. For customer rooms that already expired, your business can send a broadcast message to open the session (charged as BI conversation). As long as it is still on 24 hours window, you can still send any messages at no more cost. 

To send a broadcast with CSV, you have to use the phone number with a country code with the format: 62xxxxx (without +)

If not, you will be experiencing an error like this:

phone number has no country code at row 1

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