New WhatsApp Business API Pricing, What Are The Changes in Qiscus?

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As of the WhatsApp announcement, starting from 1st Feb 2022* WhatsApp Business API will use a conversation-based pricing model. Qiscus as a WhatsApp Business Solution Provider has some adjustments regarding these changes, particularly in Qiscus Multichannel and related. You might see the different features or behaviours on your Multichannel Dashboard and also how to purchase the quota that your business usually did through our Business Team.

*will be applied on 2nd Feb 2022 in Qiscus Multichannel

Please see the highlights below to know about how this new WhatsApp Business API pricing is applied in Qiscus.

1. New Model and Price

Your businesses will be charged based on every conversation initiated by either your business or your customers. You can understand more from these scenarios.

  • Business-Initiated (BI): This is when the conversation is initiated by the business. Using the template message that has been pre-approved by Facebook to initiate the conversation, the initiation starts from the moment the business or brand sends out the message to customers and will end after 24 hours from the time the first message had been sent out. During this conversation, businesses can send as many messages to the customers as possible without incurring any additional charges apart from the initiation cost.
  • User-Initiated (UI) or Customer-Initiated (CI): This conversation type is when a customer sends a message to a business or brand first. Businesses are able to reply to this message type without having to use a pre-approved message template. Charges are incurred from the moment the business replies to the customer and end after a 24-hour period from the time the business sends a response.

The price that will be charged is also different for each initiation scenario.


2. From Quota To Credit


  • In the new mechanism, every WhatsApp conversation initiated will be charged from your Credit.
  • Your business can do self top-up through Multichannel Dashboard whenever you need more Credit.
  • After the new pricing changes, your previous quota will no longer be used (for the quota that was purchased before 6 September 2021 will remain). But don’t worry, you still get Free Sessions to keep your business operations working with WhatsApp Business API during the transition period. Then you can top up more Credit as needed later on.
  • Qiscus will charge from the Free Sessions first > then the remaining Quota (if any, only for Business-Initiated) > then self top-up Credit.


3. Feature Improvements in Multichannel Dashboard

  • Self Top-Up

  • Confirmation and Estimation Pop-Up each your business will open session

  • Monitor Credit per WhatsApp Channel

  • Report in Analytics

For more detail about the new features, please refer to our documentation.

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