Why can't I Integrate Instagram Account

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There are steps that you need to check:

  • If your Instagram account is still in a personal state, please upgrade to a business or creator account. You can follow these guides Create Instagram Business Account or Create Instagram Creator Account. Instagram messaging is available for Business or Creator Account with <500k followers, but if you have an account with >500k followers you must switch your account to Instagram Business Account (read more).

  • Your Facebook Page is not connected with an Instagram Business/Creator. Please connect to your Facebook Page, you can follow this guide Connect Facebook Page with Instagram Business/Creator.

  • Your Facebook Page access still reviewing or not confirmed. Please review/confirm via Facebook Page Settings or Instagram Apps - Edit Profile.

  • You are not in an admin role on your Facebook Page. Please make sure you are an admin on your Facebook Page by following this doc.
  • Try to reconnect between your Facebook Page and IG account, and also reconnect between your Qiscus Omnichannel and your Facebook Page from the Integration page. 
  • Ensure to enable allow access to messages in your IG Business Account



If you have confirmed these steps have been taken but are still having problems, you can try the following additional method:






  • Reconnect your channel from the Integration page.
    • Click reconnect button from Integration > Instagram channel > Settings
    • Login to your personal FB account that is already FB Page Admin
    • Click Continue


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