Multichannel Version 2.21 Release

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Announce: March 15, 2021


Hi there, Good news! We have made some improvements in Multichannel version 2.21. You can fully experience this version starting March 15, 2021. Below are the list of changes :

  • Channel Auto Responder

Channel Auto responder is an automatic reply that send message to the customer at the beginning of the conversation after the customer sends the message. Channel Auto Responder can be used for all channels including custom channels.

Just like Autoresponder, Channel autoresponder lets you set template message that will be used to automatically reply customers. But channel autoresponder lets you to create different templates for each channel, so you can customize welcome messages depending on what channel your customer comes from. For more detail about Auto responder feature, you can check this documentation link.

Now, you can add channel auto responder after creating a new channel. But, this is optional. If you want to use same message template on every channels, you can use Autoresponder on Settings > General.



After adding channel auto responder, notice that the Channel Auto Responder card will appear with default is enabled. Multichannel will use message template set on channel autoresponder, even if you already have auto responder on general enabled.



If you choose to add channel auto responder later, or you left the message template empty, notice that the Channel Auto Responder card will appear without ON/OFF toggle. You need to fill the message template if you want to enable channel autoresponder


  • Improvement broadcast in CSV
  • Improvement get profile FB
  • And other bug fixes and improvements

For further information, feedback, or questions about the changes above, please feel free to drop us some feedback at

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Multichannel Product Team

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