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Multichannel Version 2.19 Release

  • Updated

Hi there, Good news! We have made some improvements in Multichannel version 2.19. You can fully experience this version starting November 16, 2020. Below are the list of changes :

  • Supervisor by channel

In previous versions, Supervisors were not assigned to a specific channel and could handle all channels and agents on the multichannel dashboard. In this version, Multichannel has supported scoping Supervisor based on channel. This feature serves to define the Supervisor scope based on a certain channel. Currently, a Supervisor can only control messaging and agents according to the assigned channel.

With the implementation of this feature, there are several adjustments to other features such as Inbox, Agent Management, WhatsApp Outbound Message and Analytics on the supervisor dashboard. The chat room list displayed on each tab Inbox is only eligible chat rooms within the Supervisor’s assigned channel. For supervisors, the unread indicator is changed to the unreplied indicator. The unreplied indicator shows that the last message in a chat room is a message from the customer.

Permissions to add, edit and delete agent solely owned by Admin, Supervisor no longer be able to do these things. Supervisors can only make message templates and broadcast WhatsApp in Supervisor’s eligible channels. Likewise, the analytics menu will only display data from the Supervisor’s eligible channel only.


  • Improve UI of messages from Bot

In the previous version, there was no difference in appearance for messages coming from bots or from the admin. In this version, there is an improvement in the display of messages coming from bots. Chats coming from Bot will have a different bubble message color from Admin. Bubble messages for messages from bots are gray and there is an added bot icon in the message bubble. This difference in appearance is only implemented on the Multichannel dashboard.


  • Improve LINE webhook

In the previous version, if you wanted to integrate into the LINE channel, you had to input the Multichannel webhook URL on the LINE dashboard. In this version, you don't need to do this because by clicking the Connect button during integration on the Multichannel dashboard, the Multichannel webhook URL will automatically be saved on the LINE dashboard. To activate webhooks, please select Use Webhooks on the LINE dashboard. By doing this, you have successfully integrated the LINE channel with Multichannel.

  • Add new session webhook
  • Add user id in message template logs and chat template
  • Add delay for attention grabber in Widget builder
  • Attach AppId information for ticket link in Help feature
  • Show system message if send chat history/note while Resolve chat
  • Change copywriting Search Conversation to Search Customer
  • Change copywriting Your balance will be reduced everytime you deliver a broadcast message to your customer whenever sending WA message template
  • Support rendering location/maps from Telegram in dashboard Multichannel
  • Restrict opening file if from the same domain from multichannel
  • Use markdown for rendering HTML
  • Some other improvement and bug fixes

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