How to Make Payment for Chat SDK using Virtual Account ?

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We support Indonesia virtual account payment, for now, BCA (Bank Central Asia) and BNI (Bank Negara Indonesia). Below are the steps on how to make payment via virtual account:

Step 1: Choose Change plan


Step 2: Choose Growth Plan 

  • Then click REQUEST GROWTH


Step 3: You get information related to the growth plan in order details 

  • Click CONTINUE


Step 4: Choose Bank transfer 

  • By default, the price is in USD once you choose the bank transfer it converses to IDR based on that day rate


Step 5: Select your preference bank, BCA or BNI

  • Then click Pay Now


Step 6: You get the payment detail

  • Amount Due: Total payment that you need to pay includes tax VAT (10%)
  • Payment Amount: Subscription price that already converses to IDR. In this case, the rate is 14.182 as in step no 4 and the subscription price is 149 USD, result of IDR conversion is IDR 2.113.118
  • VAT-Indonesia (10%): Amount of tax of subscription price. In this case subscription price is IDR 2.113.118, tax 10% of subscription price is IDR 211.312


Step 7: You can make a transfer via ATM, Internet Banking, Mobile Banking, or Branch. The amount of your transfer based on step no 6, for example in this case is IDR 2.324.430 

  • After you make a transfer, click Confirm


Step 8: Check the bill, go to billing menu by clicking My Billing buttonScreen_Shot_2020-11-23_at_20.57.44.png

  • Go to History 
  • Your payment automatically is paid once you succeefully make a transfer 
  • You will get a notification regarding your successful payment through the email


  • You can download the receipt, by clicking Get Receipt button


If you have questions regarding how to make payment for chat SDK using virtual account please feel free to contact us.





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