Multichannel Version 2.17 Release

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Hi there, Good news! We have made some improvements in Multichannel version 2.17. You can fully experience this version starting October 13, 2020. Below are the list of changes :

  • Resolve All Expired Chat for WhatsApp Channel

In the previous version, to carry out bulk resolve of expired chat rooms from the WhatsApp channel, you had to contact and ask the Qiscus team for the bulk resolve execution process. In this version, you can easily carry out the bulk resolve process for expired rooms from the WhatsApp channel via your own Multichannel dashboard.

You can access this feature on the Inbox page, please note that it is only accessible if your Multichannel account is integrated with the WhatsApp channel. The option provided by this feature is based on the WhatsApp account you have, so it's easier for you to choose which expired chats in WhatsApp account you want to resolve.

Unlike the Mark As Resolve Conversation feature, this feature does not provide a note before resolving the room and does not send a system message after resolving the room.


  • Add Params in hand_over_to_role to Assign only Available agent

In the previous version, agent handover based on certain divisions could be made to all agents, both online and offline agents. In this version, you can add a find_online_agent parameter. If you wish to handover chats to agents that have online status in a particular division, this parameter can be set to "true". API documentation can be accessed here.

  • Add certificate file for Multichannel iOS
  • Add merge_properties parameter when initiating Qiscus Widget
  • Add room validation on update_room_info 
  • Improve search feature to be more applicable for mid-sentence search
  • Improve handover agent flow, make agent handover creates a new data instead of updating an old data
  • Improve message template quota does not decrease if it is inside 24 hour time span
  • Improve user interface of bulk assignment feature 
  • Improve get unserved count from get customer 
  • Change maximum variables on message template of the broadcast to 15 variables
  • Change confirm transfer URL on email
  • Handling service or room not found on agent handover issue 
  • Handling empty country code in WhatsApp integration issue
  • Handling return data for undefined status issue
  • Synchronize UI version for widget and dashboard
  • Refine upload CSV broadcast validation
  • Sanitize request string input when create and update a division
  • Remove agent if agent service was not found on agent handover 
  • Remove line-height modifier for reply last session message
  • Hotfix makes email lowercase when resetting password
  • Hotfix toggle unchanged when bulk assignment process in motion
  • Hotfix timestamp not updated in broadcast log
  • Hotfix handover division issue
  • Hotfix position of submit ticket button
  • Hotfix the date in the chat list doesn't match the chat room
  • Hotfix reflected XSS – Chat Widget
  • Hotfix reflected XSS – Chat Post_Comment 
  • Hotfix admin resolve webhook if agent exist
  • Hotfix removes whitespace for access token and secret key when integrating LINE channel
  • Hotfix payload when office hours message sent by custom channel
  • Hotfix confirm transfer URL on email
  • Hotfix create chat template
  • Hotfix bot validation rule if without type
  • Hotfix helper function call when connect WhatsApp integration
  • Hotfix last comment id and add sync process at the end of resolve
  • Hotfix store comment id on webhook
  • Hotfix remove CSS inject
  • Hotfix custom channel sender 
  • Fix delete broadcast template should not disable 24-hour message templates automatically
  • Fix last comment is not updated in chat list when the room is pinned
  • Fix fail to change color dashboard in the iframe 
  • Fix hide settings icon in the dashboard with the iframe 
  • Fix query on chat_template to get most similar command 

For further information, feedback or questions about the changes above, please feel free to drop us some feedback at

Best regards,
Multichannel Product Team

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