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Why should you use Ticketing?

Currently, Qiscus has several channels that are used to support clients in resolving issues they are facing. There are WhatsApp Group, Slack Channel, and Zendesk. For issues in the form of questions or confirmation, it is enough to be resolved using WhatsApp Group or Slack Channel.

However, over time these channels have their own drawbacks. The main purpose of these channels is for discussion. If at one time there are several issues to be resolved while on these channels there are many other discussions, then the discussion of an issue can be buried by the amount of information added to the channel. In addition, there is a possibility that an issue has not been acknowledged by the Qiscus support team so that it is late to handle.

Qiscus has a ticketing service that can be used for these conditions. By using this service, you can create a ticket to the Qiscus support team where the ticket can be neatly recorded and can be monitored for progress.

How to Make a Ticket

There are several ways to create a ticket.

  1. Send an email to help@qiscus.com containing the details of the issue you want to resolve.
  2. Create tickets at https://support.qiscus.com

Create Tickets via support.qiscus.com

  • Fill in the ticketing form


  • Describe the issue you are facing by including the time of the incident, details of the account involved, steps to reproduce the issue. If possible, include attachments in the form of images or videos that can help the Qiscus support team resolve your issue faster.
  • Click Submit


Monitor Ticket Settlement Progress via Email

To see the progress of tickets via email, every time there is an answer or change in ticket status by the Qiscus Support team, an email will be sent to you containing the details of the ticket.

Monitor Ticket Progress via the Dashboard

If you use the ticketing form on support.qiscus.com you can log in directly to access the dashboard in the following ways:

  • Click Sign in With Google if you are using the `gmail` email


  • You can also use the link Sign Up or Have you emailed us? Get a password at the bottom of the login form


  • Fill in the destination email for the password
  • After you have successfully logged in, click the Requests menu under your profile

  • Click the ticket line if you want to answer or provide additional data for completion of the ticket.

  • If you want to see all tickets from your Organization, you check from the Organization requests tab

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