How To Verify Facebook Business Manager Account?

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After successfully creating a Facebook Business Manager account and confirming the email, you need to verify your Facebook Business Manager account. Before verifying your Facebook Business Manager account, you need to prepare the following documents in PDF format, for the records, you may only choose one of the documents below to submit:

  1. Certificate of formation or incorporation  
  2. Business licenses and permits from local, state, or federal government 
  3. Business Tax or VAT registration certificate 
  4. Utility bills like phone or electricity bill
  5. Bank statement
  6. The documents must contain the company name, company address, and telephone number

Please see the list of documents accepted for each country by Facebook here.

Note: You may submit only one from the list, but the FB team might ask for more if needed

How to verify Facebook Business Manager Account:

  1. Go to the Security Center menu
  2. Do the business verification process by clicking the Start Verification button

If the Start Verification button is not active yet, you have to follow these steps:

  1. Go to
  2. Click the Start Verification button
    *If the verification button greyed out, please get in touch with us.
  3. After clicking the Start Verification button, you will be asked to enter data and documents prepared into four forms of data. Make sure in inputting data, you fill in the data correctly
  4. Please submit only 1 type of document for both of the document forms.
  5. After you have finished filling out all the forms correctly and submitting the details of your business verification, the business verification status on the Security Center menu will change from Starting Verification to Cancel, indicating that you have submitted verification.

Please note that document review for the verification process usually takes 3 - 7 days. Make sure you check regularly by visiting the Security Center menu.


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