Multichannel Version 2.15 Release

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Hi there, Good news! We have made some improvements in Multichannel version 2.15. You can fully experience this version starting September 10, 2020. Below are the list of changes :

  • Support Media Message Template for text as a header via API

In this version, Multichannel supports media message template creation with header type: text via API. The following is the type of header that has been supported by Multichannel :

  1. None/not defined header
  2. Text
  3. Image (JPG, PNG)
  4. Video (MP4)
  5. Document (PDF)
  • Support send message type sticker in WhatsApp via API

WhatsApp Business API has support for sticker delivery. So in this version, Multichannel has supported sticker delivery via the API with the following terms and conditions :

  1. Sticker extension must be .webp
  2. Sticker dimension must be 512x512
  3. The auto download sticker configuration on the WhatsApp Business API has been turned on

The following is the API documentation: Send message type sticker in WhatsApp

  • Block and unblock WhatsApp user id

In this version, Multichannel can block/unblock customers from the WhatsApp channel via Admin and Supervisor dashboards. This feature can be used to avoid spam messages sent by customers.


If a customer's contact is blocked, the customer will not be able to send messages to Multichannel. Likewise, Multichannel cannot send messages to customers. All messages to and from Multichannel will not be received as long as the customer's contact is blocked by Multichannel. This also applies to 24 Hours HSM messages. A list of blocked customer contacts is displayed on the Analytic Admin and Supervisor pages of the Others tab.


Customer contacts that have been blocked can be unblocked. If a contact is unblocked, Multichannel can send and receive messages from the customer again. However, all messages sent by customers during the block period will not be received by Multichannel.


  • Adding `Add Agent` feature in agent dashboard

Previously the Add Agent feature was only available on the Admin and Supervisor dashboards. In this version, the Add Agent feature is available on the Agent dashboard. Similar to the Add Agent feature on the Admin and Supervisor dashboards, the Add Agent feature on the Agent dashboard is used to add other agents assigned to the channel, both online and offline, to the conversation that is being handled by the agent.


  • Add time for system event message

In this version, we add a timestamp to all system events that occur in Multichannel. With this addition, we expect Multichannel to be more informative.


  • Add capability to render contact as a text message from WhatsApp channel 
  • Add show/hide password feature in the login page and reset password page
  • Add tax information in the subscription page
  • Add customer_replied when customer answer after the broadcast
  • Add WhatsApp Business Account feature in the setting page
  • Add header Qiscus-App-Id
  • Change the color link to white in the chat bubble from admin/agent
  • Improve display broadcast log with entering if new line
  • Refine file_wrapper and update WhatsApp file attachment sending
  • Enhance mechanism using URL instead of media
  • Hide value of encoded user token if already connected in WhatsApp integration
  • Prevent failed webhook message on empty room
  • Hotfix double invoice on sixmonthly when change plan
  • Hotfix month left of undefined error for the monthly payment
  • Fix drag and drop media or text issue in the chat room
  • Fix empty state in room list admin dashboard
  • Fix stored XSS and bypass verification email

For further information, feedback or questions about the changes above, please feel free to drop us some feedback at

Best regards,
Multichannel Product Team

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