What Are WhatsApp Business API Prohibitions?

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There are several laid out prohibitions listed in WhatsApp policy regarding industry and use cases.

The list is by no means exhaustive, and up to WhatsApp full discretion.

1.WhatsApp prohibits organizations and / or individuals involved in terrorist or organized criminal activities from using WhatsApp Business products.

2.WhatsApp prohibits the use of the WhatsApp Business Products to facilitate or organize criminal activity, including exploiting or causing physical, financial, or other harm to people, businesses, or animals.

3.WhatsApp prohibits messages that contain offensive content, for example sexually explicit materials or nudity, determined at their sole discretion. 

4.Whatsapp prohibits from making offers to sell and drive sales of the following:

  • Businesses may not transact in operation or exchange of illegal products or services.
  • Businesses may not conduct transactions in the sale of tobacco products or tobacco equipment.
  • Businesses may not transact the sale of alcohol.
  • Businesses may not transact in the sale of supplements that are unsafe for consumption, as determined by WhatsApp in its sole discretion.
  • Businesses may not conduct transactions in the sale or use of weapons, ammunition, or explosives.
  • Businesses may not transact in the sale of any animals.
  • Businesses may not transact the sale or use of products or services for adults.
  • Businesses may not conduct transactions in the sale of body parts or human body fluids.
  • Businesses may not transact certain health care products, including medical devices, and products containing nicotine for smoking cessation programs.
  • Businesses may not position products or services in a sexually suggestive way.
  • Businesses may not trade or facilitate gambling, skill games, or lotteries, including online casinos, sports betting, bingo or poker if money is gambling.
  • Businesses may not transact or facilitate dating services.
  • Businesses may not enter into sales transactions, including updates and upgrades, etc., of digital content, digital subscriptions or digital accounts.
  • Businesses may not transact in offers or products that are deceptive, fake, misleading, or disruptive.
  • Businesses may not make transactions for the sale of real, virtual, or counterfeit currency.
  • Transactions may not contain content that infringes or violates the intellectual property rights of third parties, including copyrights or trademarks. This includes, but is not limited to, the sale of counterfeit goods, such as goods that impersonate a trademark (name or logo) and / or other company product distinctive features to imitate the genuine product.

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