How Can My Agent Get Notification in Their Multichannel Mobile App?

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If you are using our app in playstore/appstore, you will need several things to enable notification. 

1. Turn on mobile notification as admin in settings, in Mobile Access segment, enable Push Notification (this is only for android, for iOS please tell us in ticketing)


2. Make sure the agent is assigned to the room. Either by Get Customer, Auto Assign, Assigned by Admin/Another Agent or by Custom Agent Allocation.

3. For further clarification, an unserved room won't give notification to Agent,only to Supervisor/Admin.

4. Make sure the app is alive, either opened or in background.

5. Make sure the app is allowed to have notification in your mobile device settings.

6. Make sure you already update your app in our playstore/appstore to the latest update


After that, messages from customer will appear in your notifications tray to the assigned room.

Sometimes they won't give sound or vibrate, but will still appear in the tray.



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