Multichannel Version 2.14 Release

  • Updated

Hi there, Good news! We have made some improvements in Multichannel. Below are the list of changes:

  • Filter User Interface Improvement

In this version there is a change in the user interface of the Filter feature. This is expected to provide clear information to the user. Following are the upgrade points for the filter feature:

  1. Improved user interface when resetting the filter, if you click the Reset button, it will go to the empty state filter page.
  2. Improved user interface when there is an active filter that is if you open the filter feature it will automatically auto expand on the active filter.
  3. Changes to flow on the Apply button ie the default Apply button is disabled. The button will be active when the user has selected the desired filter. When editing filters, the button will be active when the user has made changes to the filter as desired.


  • Add chat template limitation

The chat template feature is already supported in the Multichannel dashboard. In this version there are additional limitations in creating chat templates by limiting the characters in the template content to a maximum of 4000 characters.


  • Add channel details when sending data to bot 
  • Add multiple division/role support to bot hand_over_to_role
  • Add API for enabling/disabling read receipt WhatsApp 
  • Add submit ticket payload with channel type
  • Add education option in industry field of the register page
  • Add metadata for multichannel
  • Add plus sign when checking contact using WhatsApp ID
  • Add duplicate message checker on WhatsApp webhook
  • Support webp image extension
  • Improvement of assignment agent
  • Sync room after receiving the message and improve logic
  • Update extras fields for consequent request and set another interval for height event inside welcome message's iframe
  • Hotfix show mobile access in the left sidebar
  • Hotfix wording in the notification
  • Hotfix agent's email in agent list Inbox in Admin dashboard
  • Hotfix mismatch total payments in IDR on email
  • Hotfix room_logs not updated when admin assign an agent
  • Hotfix clear search
  • Hotfix information for auto-assign in agent management
  • Hotfix Process agent leftover rooms when promoted to be a supervisor
  • Hotfix CustomRepo paginate still include soft deleted
  • Hotfix multiple broadcast only post to SDK once
  • Hotfix mark_as_read on non-WhatsApp channel
  • Hotfix remaining count chat template agent
  • Hotfix reset filter WhatsApp checked
  • Hotfix command template agent still contain space
  • Hotfix bug on client broadcast and use sync room name earlier in webhook process
  • Hotfix reset password double hit API
  • Hotfix autoresponder message after the broadcast
  • Hotfix “add division” button not tidy
  • Hotfix script tag running on welcome message and smoothen the height transition
  • Hotfix update agent with an email of deleted agent
  • Hotfix un-downloaded WhatsApp file will send a text message
  • Fix button analytic in Agent dashboard
  • Fix USD total rate when upgrading plan from admin
  • Fix can't set availability to be offline in setting agent management
  • Fix empty customer ID in WhatsApp after update room

For further information, feedback or questions about the changes above, please feel free to drop us some feedback at

Best regards,
Multichannel Product Team


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