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Multichannel Version 2.13.0 Release

  • Updated

Hi there, Good news! We have made some improvements in Multichannel. Below are the list of changes:

  • Read Receipts in WhatsApp

Read Receipt is a WhatsApp feature that can tell us whether the message sent has been read by the recipient or not. In this version Multichannel allows you to activate the read receipt in WhatsApp configuration so that customers will get information if the message they have sent has been read by you through the Multichannel dashboard. If you are interested in activating this configuration, you can ask us to set it up by making a ticket at Qiscus Support. Kindly please note that this option as of now only works if your BSP is Qiscus.

  • Add Link to Custom Analytics

In this version the Multichannel dashboard supports custom analytics, so if you already have a custom analytic you can access it directly through the Multichannel dashboard. If you don't have custom analytics yet and are interested in creating one, please Contact Us.


  • Push Notification Setting for Customer Android Widgets

Push notification settings are very necessary to bring up notifications on your application. In this version the multichannel dashboard has provided Push Notification (PN) configuration for the Android customer widget application. So you can easily activate the push notification configuration for your android customer widget application via the Multichannel dashboard.


  • Add Information that Room Lists are not Realtime

In the Multichannel dashboard of the Inbox section there are several tabs that contain your customer conversations. Realtime customer conversations are only on the far left tab on the admin, supervisor or agent side. So in this version there are indicators that provide information that conversations on tabs other than the far left tab are those that are not realtime. You can update the latest data conversation by clicking “Refresh Now” in the indicator section.


  • Custom UI Improvement for additional company name and company logo
  • WhatsApp Read receipt delivery forward to Bot
  • Add submit ticket payload with customer info, channel id and channel name
  • Add option of education in industry field setting account management
  • Add type on get_profile
  • Fix icon is still showing in mobile although the icon in widget builder is disabled
  • Change submit ticket error message with this format "Failed to [button_title] with [error_code]"
  • Improve success submit ticket status message
  • Get room options first if update room not providing channel info
  • Improve information for WhatsApp broadcast message CSV Tutorial
  • Hotfix save conversation note
  • Hotfix change color and design in a replied WhatsApp message from a different session
  • Hotfix hide button icon
  • Hotfix realtime unserved count Inbox in agent
  • Hotfix click "All" tab can clear filtering issue
  • Hotfix qiscus_controller using room_log.source instead of webhook room_options
  • Hotfix ongoing tab in Agent still show resolved room
  • Hotfix ongoing tab in Agent is not realtime after access resolved tab
  • Hotfix Agent still can access Supervisor API
  • Hotfix upgrade account to Supervisor issue
  • Hotfix filters expired and expiring in ongoing tab Agent

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