How Can My Customers Get Blue Read Receipt When Our Agent Is Replying Their WA Messages?

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When A Customer is chatting with your agent with their WA , there is a way to have them get Blue Read Receipt .

Note:This only applies to WA Business API Account under Qiscus server.


1. Make sure the customer has active read receipt setting, can be accessed from Settings>Account>Privacy



2.Set your WABA server to disable pass_through setting and save the setting ,this is important so your WABA can know which comment to give receipt to. Don't forget to restart the server where your WABA resides so the effect can take changes. You can make a support ticket so we can do these things for you.


3. Multichannel need to enable read receipt settings. We will do this for you.

4.After that, your customers will start getting read receipt and their comments will be blue


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