Multichannel Version 2.10.0 Release

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Hi there, Good news! We have made some improvements in Multichannel. Below are the list of changes:

  • Initiate Multiple Chat Widget

In this version, Multichannel provides a support API for initiating multiple chats on the Qiscus Widget. In normal flow Qiscus Widgets can only be initiated when there is a new conversation for the first time or if the previous conversation has been resolved. With this support you can initiate new conversations even though the status of the previous conversation has not been resolved.

The following is the API documentation: Multiple Chat Widget

  • Improve WhatsApp HSM to Support Multi Media Templates

WhatsApp Business API has support for creating HSM that contains media (Media Message Templates). So in this version, Multichannel supports the creation and delivery of Media Message Templates using the API. The following are supported media types, i.e.

  1. Image (jpg, png)
  2. Video (mp4)
  3. Document (pdf)
  • Reconnect Facebook Integration

In this version, you can Reconnect Facebook integration through the Multichannel dashboard. Reconnect is used to update your Facebook page token on Multichannel. This feature can be used when there are changes to tokens on Facebook pages that have been integrated with Multichannel. Changes to the Facebook page token can cause the message you send to the customer to fail. The following is an example of a message that you failed to send due to a token change:
If you experience the above, then you must Reconnect Facebook integration for the channel account in question. Reconnect can only be done by Admin. Following are the steps to Reconnect Facebook integration:

  1. Login as Admin,
  2. Access the Integrations page,
  3. Select Facebook Messenger Integration,
  4. Click Settings for the channel account you want to reconnect,
  5. Click Reconnect. To reconnect, you must have permission as an Admin on the relevant Facebook page. If not logged in, then log in and give permission for Multichannel to access your Facebook page,
  6. Click Continue. If Reconnect is successful, a success message will appear.


  • Enhance notification
  • Add email and URL validation to bot controller
  • Handle error on unsupported WA provider when connecting
  • Handle status code 413 Too Large on WhatsApp upload media
  • Prevent nil room on available agents
  • Remove capitalizing for additional info content in Chat & Customer Info
  • Hotfix add extras, room_badge, remove mobile breakpoint in Qiscus Widget with iframe
  • Hotfix remove whitespace when creating tag
  • Hotfix error when setting preview url on non string domain
  • Hotfix copywriting on login illustration
  • Fix undefined language for WhatsApp HSM template

For further information, feedback or questions about the changes above, please feel free to drop us some feedback at

Best regards,
Multichannel Product Team

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