Multichannel Version 2.8.0 Release

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Hi there, Good news! We have made some improvements in Multichannel. Below are the list of changes:

  • Agent’s Analytics in Admin and Supervisor

In the previous version, Analytics in the admin and supervisor dashboard cannot display analytics per agent. So that in this version there are additional analytics features by adding analytics per agent in the admin and supervisor dashboard.

The following are steps to access analytics per agent through the admin or supervisor dashboard

  1. Click the Analytics menu,
  2. Select Analytics on each agent in the dropdown,
  3. Choose one of the agents that appear in the agent search results list or you can do a manual search by entering the desired name / email / agent division,
  4. After clicking on one of the desired agents the agent analytics dashboard will appear according to the selected agent.


  • Feature Enhancement of Tagging

In previous versions, tags can be created by agents in a conversation through the inbox page. In this version, there is an improvement in the tagging feature by adding tagging configuration. This configuration includes licensing or prohibiting the creation of tags by agents. This configuration is located on the Tags Settings page.

There are 2 conditions for this configuration, namely:

  1. If the admin / supervisor activates this configuration then all agents are allowed to create new tags through the inbox page, meanwhile the admin and supervisor are also allowed to create new tags either through the inbox page or on the tag management page.
  2. Meanwhile, when this configuration is deactivated, all agents cannot create tags through the inbox page, agents are only allowed to use existing tags, while the admin and supervisor are still allowed to add new tags through the inbox page or through the tag management page.


  • Add validation for HSM template length
  • Add information when there are no conversations on the Inbox page
  • Add room_id to message_logs
  • Add latest room endpoint
  • Add total unserved API for admin
  • Add custom channel's user-id validation
  • Optimize media uploading using upload by URL
  • Improve room resolver
  • Maintain scrolling room list in Inbox page
  • Remove Loading state in Qiscus Widget
  • Change conditions for displaying notification
  • Hide all participant info in the room header of WhatsApp Group
  • Cleanup options on routes
  • Hotfix filter old custom channel
  • Hotfix customer room not getting custom channel properly
  • Hotfix failed to send documents on WhatsApp Group
  • Hotfix WhatsApp contact type messages on WhatsApp Group
  • Hotfix always hide expired area (bottom), shows only when the last message is System message expired 24 Hours
  • Hotfix total count of unserved customer in Supervisor dashboard
  • Hotfix bulk assignment on custom channel
  • Hotfix get customer on custom channel
  • Hotfix custom channel's total customer on agent
  • Hotfix error hackney because of send postback
  • Fix WhatsApp Group badge not appearing when searching for rooms
  • Fix migrating error when doing a fresh install
  • Fix agent dashboard when App is disabled

For further information, feedback or questions about the changes above, please feel free to drop us some feedback at

Best regards,
Multichannel Product Team

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