Metadata of Qiscus Multichannel Provided by

  • Updated provides some data structures you can use in your bot flow, one of them is metadata. It consists of several information related to the channel used in deployment. Here is the definition of metadata object for Qiscus channel.

Here's the payload for your reference

"metadata": {
"channelType": "qiscus",
"qiscusOptions": "{\"channel\":\"wa\",\"is_resolved\":false,\"is_waiting\":false,\"source\":\"wa\"}",
"qiscusParticipants": [
"email": "6285892808xxx"
"email": ""
"qiscusSenderEmail": "6285892808xxx",
"qiscusSenderId": "6455xxx",
"qiscusSenderName": "Saad Ishlah A"
"options": "{\"channel\":\"wa\",\"is_resolved\":false,\"is_waiting\":false,\"source\":\"wa\"}"


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