Multichannel Version 2.3.0 Release

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Hi there, Good news! We have made some improvements in Multichannel. Below are the list of changes

  • Submit Ticket

Previous versions do not support ticket creation via Multichannel. Multichannel can already be integrated with CRM but cannot submit tickets through Multichannel. In this version the Submit Ticket feature is created.

Submit ticket is a feature that makes it easy for you to create a ticket from a conversation that already exists on Multichannel and then connect it to your CRM with one click. This feature is intentionally designed to suit your needs, among which you can easily change the default name of the button provided and be free to associate with whatever CRM you want.

To activate the Submit Ticket feature the Admin must enable the Submit Ticket configuration on the Settings - Submit Ticket page first. The following are the steps to configure the Submit ticket:

  1. Click Settings, then select Submit Ticket,
  2. Enable Submit Ticket toggle,
  3. Input name label, default for name is "Ticketing",
  4. Input button name, default for button name is "Submit ticket",
  5. Input Webhook URL in the field provided. Ensure that the inputted Webhook URL can receive an http post request,
  6. Click Save and "success" status message will appear. After submit ticket is successfully activated, users can employ it right away.


After the Submit Ticket configuration on the Settings page has been successfully activated, all Multichannel users can create tickets via the Inbox page. Also make sure to always activate this setting if you want to use it. Following are the steps for making a ticket through the Inbox page:

  1. Select one of the conversations you to make your ticket with,
  2. Under Chat & Customer Info, click the Submit ticket button (the name of the button matches that on the Settings - Submit Ticket page),
  3. Wait for success validation to appear, with this your ticket has been successfully created. The payload that is sent is room_id, additional info, tags and notes.

Webhook URL entered must provide a maximum response of 1000ms otherwise it will be considered a timeout so that the request will not be forwarded.



  • Add PDF attachment for invoice
  • Tagging selection improvement using keyboard
  • User Experience (UX) improvement of tagging
  • Send a failed system event in case of invalid Facebook Token
  • Send a failed system event in case of failed sending messages caused by channel webhook call error
  • Change CSV validation in WhatsApp Broadcast Messages
  • Not changing token (multichannel and SDK) when admin change password
  • Hotfix wrong sender on WA broadcast and send HSM on agent
  • Hotfix send HSM from agent
  • Hotfix hanging room after Facebook disconnect
  • Fix display button resolve if status is resolved
  • Fix ellipsis channel name in integration

For further information, feedback or questions about the changes above, please feel free to drop us some feedback at

Best regards,
Multichannel Product Team

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