Multichannel Version 3.9.1 Release

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Announce: 15 July 2022


Hi there, Good news! We have made some improvements in Multichannel version 3.9.1. You can fully experience this version starting July 15, 2022. Below is the list of changes:

  • Remove system event Customer Initiate/Business Initiate ended

Previously, when session of one of the chat rooms of the WhatsApp channel ended, the Qiscus system would send an event ended session "Customer Initiate/Business Initiate ended". This system event will cause the chat room position to rise to the top. But don't worry, we have made improvements to remove this event system so that the chat room order will be more optimal.



Other Enhancements:

  • Improvement add system event for chat initiated from Facebook Ads

Other Bug fixes:

  • Fix broadcast status is always on Sent after getting an internal error from WABA
  • Fix message system event "agent has joined" when using auto assign agent feature

For further information, feedback, or questions about the changes above, please feel free to drop us some feedback at

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