How to Turn Off 2FA From Facebook Business Manager?

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Please do note that this is only working for WABA that is signed up through Embedded sign up or Shared Account (not On Behalf Of BSP)

  1. Go to FB BM > Setting > WhatsApp Business Account

  2. Select Correct WABA ID > Setting > WhatsApp Manager > Phone numbers image__25_.png
  3. Choose the phone number and click Setting (or the gear icon) image__26_.png
  4. Choose Two-Step Verification > Click Turn Off Two-step Verificationimage__27_.png

  5. An Email will be sent to your FB BM admin Email. 

  6. Open the Email title: WhatsApp Two-Step Verification Reset. image__28_.png
  7. Click the link provided.

  8. You will be redirected to a confirmation page.

  9. Confirm to turn off the two-step verification, and finish. image__30_.png

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