About WhatsApp Business API (WABA) Phone Number Migration From Qiscus

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What To Note

  • Please inform your Account Manager (AM) at least 24h before you would like to initiate migration from Qiscus to another BSP.
  • You need to turn off the 2FA for your WABA, if you were assigned through invitation, please inform contact us to turn off the 2FA. If you were assigned through Embedded Sign-up, follow this step to turn off your 2FA directly from your end.
  • Qiscus WhatsApp Business API is integrated directly into WhatsApp Meta Cloud Server, before you'll be able to migrate to another BSP, we need to move your WABA to the Qiscus server. This will require an OTP request.

The Steps:

  1. Please inform the Account Manager of the phone number that you are going to migrate to a new BSP, and when will you migrate the phone number (right away or after a few days)
  2. If you were signed to Embedded-sign up, please turn off your 2FA by following this step, if not we will turn it off for you.
  3. Wait for the AM to inform you that our team will send an OTP code to move your WABA phone number from WA Cloud to Qiscus Server.
  4. After you received the OTP code, please inform the AM to forward it to the WABA Support team.
  5. Please wait 5 minutes after informing the OTP code, and you will be able to migrate your WABA phone number right away.

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