WhatsApp Cloud API Channel FAQ

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Why Don’t I See WhatsApp Cloud API Menu on My Integration Page?

You must contact our team first to be able to integrate the WhatsApp Cloud API channel. Once you contact our team, you will get access to the WhatsApp Cloud API menu on the Integration Page.


Why Can't I Integrate the WhatsApp Cloud API Account?

There are several reasons why you can’t integrate the WhatsApp Cloud API channel, such as:

  1. You entered a wrong phone number. To anticipate this, please make sure you enter the correct phone number.
  2. The phone number you are using is already registered in WhatsApp Messenger or WhatsApp Business App. Therefore, we recommend using a new phone number owned by your business.
  3. Incorrect WhatsApp Business ID or WhatsApp Phone Number ID.
  4. You haven't set up the webhook on your Meta developer account.


How to Get System User Token, WhatsApp Business ID, and WhatsApp Phone Number ID?


  1. Go to your Meta developer account,
  2. Choose your Apps,
  3. Click WhatsApp on the sidebar menu then select Getting Started. You will see Temporary access token at the top. WhatsApp Phone Number ID and WhatsApp Business Account ID are on the Send and receive message section.


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