Why is the broadcast status still onprogress?

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Every broadcast job log will be logged on Outbound>Send Whatsapp Broadcast Message. If you select "View Log", a list of broadcast destinations will be displayed with a summary of the status of the messages sent.


Total of success:
Broadcast messages that have been successfully sent to the customer. This includes messages with delivered status (on WhatsApp this usually gets 2 gray checklists) and messages with read status (2 blue checklists).

Total of failed: Broadcast messages that failed to be sent to the destination number. Usually, this happens because the number does not have a registered WhatsApp account, to validate it you can use the URL https://wa.me/{{phonenumber}}. But you can also find other reasons for failed status messages and refer to Failed WhatsApp Broadcast Message with CSV or API

Total of on progress: Broadcast messages that have been successfully sent but have not been received by the customer. This can mean the owner of the number is unavailable, like their Whatsapp App not running or has no data connection. So the message cannot be received on their App side. It’s like when you send a WA message, but get 1 checklist on the message sent. If the WA application and customer data connection are available again, the status will change to Delivered when the message is successfully received. Related: Why Broadcast Message Status Stuck On Progress?

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