Multichannel Version 3.2.2 Release

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Announce: December 31, 2021


Hi there, Good news! We have made some improvements in Multichannel version 3.2.2. You can fully experience this version starting December 31, 2021. Below is the list of changes :

  • Enhance submit ticket to custom button

We see Submit Ticket feature not only for submitting ticket use cases but also for adding campaigns, seeing the catalog, integrating call system, and many more. We change the name of Submit Ticket feature to Custom Button so that users are more clearer using this feature. To learn more regarding the Custom Button, you can check this documentation.



Other enhancement and bug fixes :

  • Adding validation email format in email agent registration
  • Adding validation max 16 Mb in media header template message
  • Fix hand over to role Instagram channel
  • Fix disconnect Instagram channel
  • Fix bulk resolve room
  • Prevent sending recursive webhook
  • Fix webhook response from post back message chat button and carousel
  • Fix mark as read in Qiscus widget bubble chat
  • Fix incorrect customer’s name on the Inbox page
  • Fix wrong user when broadcast
  • Fix mismatched user id in broadcast
  • Fix status updated broadcast log

For further information, feedback, or questions about the changes above, please feel free to drop us some feedback at

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Product Team

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