How to Create Template With Button

Since it is not allowed to add a shortened link in your template, a full block of links might not look aesthetically pleasing in your message. With the feature from WhatsApp and Multichannel, you can create a template with a button to the link you wanted to add without messing up your template, and this is how you can create it:

1. Go to the outbound menu to create a template as usual.

2. Fill out all the detail, such as name, category, and language.

3. Fill out the header with text or media if you have any.

4. Fill out the body template, and click next.

5. Fill Out the footer, if you have any, continue by clicking next.


6. Fill out the button.

In this part, you will have 2 choices of buttons, which are: Quick Reply or Call-to-Action button.


A quick reply button will appear like this, and if a customer clicks it, it will be sent as their reply. You can add maximum 3 buttons here:


If you would like to add a link, and/or a phone number button, you can choose the Call-to-Action button, if a customer clicks it, it will direct them to a web page or dial the phone number.


If you wanted to add a web link, choose Visit Website, and fill it out accordingly. Set your URL type as static as default.


You may add 2 Call-to-Action buttons, one with visit website and phone number.

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