Using Call-to-Action (CTA) button on WhatsApp Message Template

Call-to-Action (CTA) button is one of the features of the interactive template messages provided by the Facebook Business Manager. Interactive message templates expand the content you can send recipients beyond the standard message template and media messages template types to include interactive buttons using the components object.


Using the CTA button, you can use it to attach a phone number and a website page.

1. To add a phone number button, you can choose the type of action to "Call Phone Number", add your text for the button, choose the correct country code, and add your phone number without the country code.


2. To add a CTA that will direct the customer to a link, choose the type of action to "Visit Website", add your text for the button, choose your URL type and add your link.


The question when creating a CTA button for a website is, "which URL type should I use? And when to use one or the other?"
a. Static URL type

This type of URL is chosen when you will send a general link, without personalization. Each recipient will be directed to the same page, and you wouldn't require modifying the link for each of the recipients. In most cases, you will use this type of URL.


b. Dynamic URL type

This type of URL is chosen when you will send a more personal link. When you choose this type of URL, after the end of your link, a parameter will be automatically added to the end of your link, for example, if you add the same link above, they will be submitted like this:{{1}}, to the Facebook Business Manager. Remember: You don't have to add {{1}} manually, it will automatically be added to your link.
Using this type of URL, you will be required to modify the parameter, to match the data of each recipient. This type of URL is very useful if you want your recipient directed to a different section of a web page, for example, Customer Dashboard, Customer personal invoice, etc.

Please also remember that you can only modify the parameter, not the link as a whole, the example of the personalized link would look like this:, or


Important: Facebook doesn't allow any shortened link in the template (example: tinyurl, etc.). But for now, shortened link such as linktree and, can be used. Except that, all of the shortened link that are submitted for the CTA button, will be using the actual long link instead.


If you have any questions regards to the use of the CTA button, do not be hesitated to let us know.

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    Arnold Ardianto

    Hello. I want to make a qiscus bot that sends a button type message to the receiver

    However I plan to do this for using REST API request

    How should I send the payload to Qiscus?


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