My WABA Got Flagged, How Long Will It Last? And How to Prevent It?

During a certain time, your WABA account might get flagged. This is happening because Facebook detected that you were sending low-quality of broadcasts, and some of the customers you've been broadcasted to are blocking you. While your account got flagged, your tier can't be upgraded.

If the message quality improves to a high or medium state and maintains this for seven days, your status will return to Connected. If the quality rating doesn't improve, your status will still return to connected, but you'll be placed in a lower messaging limit tier.


So, How long will it last?

As mentioned before, if the quality rating improves to a high (green) or medium (yellow) state over 7 days, the phone number will return to connected status.
If the quality rating does not improve within 7 days, the number will still return to a Connected status, but with a lower messaging limit imposed on it.


How Can We Prevent It From Happening?

  1. Confirm policy compliance: Are you following WhatsApp Business and Commerce Policies?
  2. Determine problematic templates: Have new templates been added within the last 7 days? Has a specific template’s volume increased significantly?
  3. Confirm user opt-in: Are templates being used without user opt-in?
  4. Avoid sending open-ended welcome messages: Are messages personalized and contextual? When reconnecting with a customer, are you providing information to show a previous engagement?
  5. Be mindful of messaging frequency: Are you sending too many messages to a user in a day?
  6. If you are using a bot, Optimize bot behavior: What is the resolution time to adequately address users’ inquiries? Is there a human escalation path to support quality bot interactions?

There is the information we have for you, please make sure that you proactively evaluate the tips above and take steps to avoid getting rate limited.

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