How to Create Chat Template with Image

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In some cases, while using Omnichannel to communicate with clients, sometimes it is often necessary to send the same image with multiple frequencies. For example, in the case of sending product images or image templates to guide customers. Therefore, the use of chat templates in sending the image is considered to be sufficient to help solve this problem.

In this article, we will guide you on how you will be able to create a chat template with an image.


What Will You Need

Server to upload the required image, it is recommended to upload it on the Omnichannel dashboard. You may use fake accounts (Line/WhatsApp/other channels) in your Omnichannel application. Or you can use another publicly accessible server.

Here is how you can use Omnichannel to get an image direct URL:

1. Open a session with yourself.


2. As Agent or Admin on your Omnichannel, send your image by clicking this button and choose your desired image.


3. Once the image uploaded, click right on the image and then choose "copy image address".


Or you can choose "open image in new tab", and see the image URL:

4. Copy and save your URL for use later.


How to Create a Chat Template with an Image

1. Make sure you already have the image direct URL.

The tutorial can be found above.

2. Create a template on the Outbound Message page.

Click WhatsApp Broadcast Templates, then Click New Template in the green button.


3. Fill the details as shown below.

You have to choose WhatsApp Account that you used to send the broadcast.

  • Type the template name.
  • Choose the Category, there are 3 categories, Marketing, Utility, and Authentication. Select the closest to the contents of the template.
  • Then, choose the language.

After that, click Next.

4. In the Header section.

When you use template with image, select "Media". After that, choose the image that you use to the broadcast template. Then, click Next.


5. In the Body section, type the content of the broadcast.

Make sure the content is according to the previously selected language. The body has limitation, no more than 1024 characters.

You can use "Add Variable" option on the bottom menu, to add the variable. You can also add the other function, like Bold, Italic, etc, to make your content more interesting.

Don't forget to fill the "Variable Content {{1}}". Then, click Next.


6. In the Footer section

You can add the words for Footer, or you can skip this step. No worries, you can check the template on the Preview in the right side. Then, click Next.


7. In the Buttons section

You can choose the Button for the broadcast template, or not. It's optional.

If no using Button, you can click Submit button in the bottom of the page.


8. Last but not least, the preview page will appear, you can re-check your template. Then, click Submit.


9. After that, you have to wait the template until approved.

10. Your image template is ready to use!

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