Multichannel Version 2.24 Release

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Announce: June 9, 2021


Hi there, Good news! We have made some improvements in Multichannel version 2.24. You can fully experience this version starting June 9, 2021. Below are the list of changes :

  • Search Message

As your customers getting more and more connected with Qiscus Multichannel Chat, you will realize you might want to come back to check for previous customers or messages. And since you already got more chat rooms, we provided a search feature for you to find your customer or message faster. So you can search the customer or message list you think you need to retrieve.

Please read the points below for more details about the Search Customer and Message feature.

  1. You can input any text on the Search text field, and the Customer and Message tab will appear
    Group 1139.png
    Group 1140.png
  2. You can search any rooms based on customer name and message or file name.
    Group 1138.png
  3. Not only that, but you will redirect to message position when selecting the search message result.
    Group 1142.png
  4. Please note, input more than 2 characters to search for any customer or message.
    Group 1141.png
    Info :
    - Search Message feature for enterprise only.

Other enhancement:

  • Support WA API Plan
  • Enhance Flow Inbox Chrome access in iPad
  • Enhance Custom Channel API
  • Some Other Enhancements and bugs fix

For further information, feedback, or questions about the changes above, please feel free to drop us some feedback at

Best regards,
Multichannel Product Team

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