How to Generate Encoded User Token WhatsApp?

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To integrate WhatsApp into Qiscus Omnichannel, We need Encoded User Token, which require a username and password. Follow this step to generate an Encoded User Token. 

  1. Open Encode to Base64 format application, or you can use other encoder apps of your choice.
  2. Copy the credentials of WhatsApp (username and password), with the format username:password.
  3. Click Encode button.
  4. If the process has been completed, an Encoded User Token will be generated. Save the token.


After you get the Encoded User Token, you can integrate WhatsApp in the Qiscus Omnichannel dashboard by following the steps in this Documentation.

That's it for WhatsApp integration. Next, you need to make sure the integration is working on Qiscus Omnichannel.



This is meant for WABA hosted outside Qiscus.

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