August 21st, 2019 — Endpoint Deprecations.

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The following endpoints will be deprecated on August 21st, 2019 for Server REST API (Chat SDK product). Apps that have used these endpoints can continue using them until September 30th, 2019. Apps that have not used any of these endpoints in the last 90 days will be unable to use them starting on August 21st, 2019.

1. GET /api/v2.1/rest/get_user_response_rate


Since you can no longer use these endpoints above start from that stated date, you may need to check our available and stable API in 

We have some tips for workaround on above API:

For get_user_response_rate, you will need to add webhook in Qiscus Dashboard that hitting data for each message to your own backend (, then you will have the data for each messages. From there, it will be possible to calculate the response rate per user from your own database.

For list of user status (, you will be able to use event handler presenceCallback, to check each user status. For getting the list of users status in Qiscus via API, that is not possible for now and we suggest that you will need to have available/unavailable in your own system (for example, by hitting ping status every n seconds or check on latest activities and store that in some storage and make it valid for some period of time) and fetch the status from that.

For further question, you can contact us by creating a ticket in

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