How Do I Send Files or Images Using Qiscus In-App Chat SDK for iOS That Can Be Rendered on Built-In UI Version?

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Since the beginning of 2019, we are no longer provide built-in chat UI, hence to those who are still processing on migration in newest Qiscus Chat SDK version, especially for sending file or image case,  you can follow these 2 steps.

1. Prepare the payload for sending a file or image

You need payload to send image or file, we assume you already have the URL after uploading the file based on this docs.

Then, preparing payload for sending the file or image, for example:

  "url": "",
  "caption": "",
  "file_name": "Android-Studio-Shortcuts-You-Need-the-Most.pdf"

and then construct Comment Model, set message type to be file_attachment and fill your payload in payload, for example:

let message = CommentModel()

message.type = "file_attachment"
message.message = "[file]" + yourFileURL + "[/file]"
message.payload = [
"url" : yourFileURL,
"file_name" : "your file name",
"caption" : "your caption"

2. Send the file or image

After creating Comment model which has your payload, then you can pass your Comment model to this API, for example

QiscusCore.shared.sendMessage(roomID: roomId, comment: message, onSuccess: { (commentModel) in
    //success sending file or image
}) { (error) in

3. Rendering the file or image

Since you are passing type and payload, you can filter which image or file that you need to render as a file attachment UI. Rendering the image or file can get from URL that you send, you can see detail in our sample. 


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