How to Setup Webhook URL for Mark as Resolve?

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When marking a chatroom as resolved, Qiscus Multichannel provides a way to inform any services to update its information based on the resolved room details. One example could be updating a ticket status at CRM which has been integrated to Qiscus Multichannel. 

The way to do that is to hook a URL of the service whenever a room is resolved. You could refer to this document : Set Mark As Resolved Webhook (in the sidebar menu, Settings > Set Mark As Resolved)

Payload structure

Below is a payload structure example that will be sent to the webhook url whenever a room is resolved,

"service": {
"id": 401xxx,
"room_id": "2694xxx",
"is_resolved": true,
"notes": "some notes here!",
"first_comment_id": "28181xxx",
"last_comment_id": 34192xxx,
"source": "wa"
"resolved_by": {
"id": 1482,
"email": "",
"name": "Qiscus Multichannel CS",
"type": "admin",
"is_available": false
"customer": {
"name": "Delta",
"avatar": "",
"user_id": "628122661xxxx"


The structure payload would be the same for each channel, except for source value and user_id value. Who resolved a room object will respect to user type who resolved the room (i.e. admin or agent).

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