How to Test (Apple Push Notifications) APNS Certificate?

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To test the APNS certificate, you need to download and install Easy APNS Provider in Appstore. After that, you need to run this App and follow the steps below:

Step 1: Add the tokens


- Click Add Tokens button

- Click Add button to input the device token

- Input the Name in the Added Tokens table, then click Confirm button


- After that, you can see, your added token in Add Token table


Step 2: Choose your certificate and upload it


- Click Choose Certificate File button, then choose your certificate file

Step 3: Connect to a production or development environment

- Check your certificate whether production or development. If your certificate is for development, then choose If not, you can select

- Click Connect to then wait for a while. if successful it shows Connected to APN server successfully logs




Step 4: Choose the payload, you can find many options such as:

- Content Only,

- Content & Badge

- Content, Badge & Sound 

You can choose Content, Badge Sound and then edit the title, content, badge, and sound.

Step 5: Click Send APN button and check the status from the app Easy APN's Provider



If your device receives Push Notifications means your certificate is valid.


Please Close your app / Go to your home page, before sending the Push Notification

Step 6. Upload to Qiscus Chat Dashboard

You can upload your cert once it's valid in Qiscus Chat Dashboard by following the steps


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