SDK Dashboard 2.2.0 Release - New Billing System

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Thanks for being our loyal customer. We are really appreciated that you have been using our services on serving the best chat feature for your customers.

We would like to inform you that we have made some improvements in our system for you, now our billing system is using prepaid payment method instead of post payment.


  • Using prepaid payment method
  • Credit Card and Bank Transfer payment methods
  • Invoice and payment notifications
  • Usage notifications

Subscription Status

This changes are affected differently according to your subscription status.

Pro Subscription

As you already know, our old Billing System was using postpaid payment. So, if you have already subscribed to the plan prior to this change, we will give you a waiver for the last month payment because of the migration process to new Billing System. Your next payment will be available according to your enrolment date. So, our system will give you a notification regarding this matter.

Trial Subscription

You still get free trial period for one month according to when the App was made. The trial is included in the Starter plan and we will notify you 7 days before the trial period ends.

Should you need additional time for your integration process, please feel free to contact us.

Promotional Subscription

If you are using promotion schema, we will provide additional notes on the system regarding how much discount and when the expiration date will due. Upon the expiration time, your subscription will be automatically changed to the normal plan.

If you upgrade the plan, the registered promotion scheme will also automatically disappear. Please contact us to discuss more about this.

Payment Methods

Now we support two payment methods. You can use a Credit Card for automatic payments or use Bank Transfer for semi-automatic payments.

More Information

Please let us know what you are thinking! Create support ticket or email us at

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