Omnichannel Chat Version 3.26.0 Release

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Announcement: February 6, 2024


Hi there, Good news! We have made some improvements in Omnichannel version 3.26.0. You can fully experience this version starting February 6, 2024. Below is the list of changes:

  • Customer Data Platform Add-ons

In our relentless pursuit of enhancing customer engagement, Qiscus is proud to introduce a powerful extension to our Customer Data Platform (CDP) – the CDP Add-ons. Designed with a focus on expanding the horizons of customer insights, these add-ons seamlessly integrate third-party data sources to provide a comprehensive 360-degree view of your customers.

Other Enhancements:

  • Enhance load room list in inbox
  • Enhance create WA broadcast template media header with resumable upload API

Other Bug fixes:

  • Fix anomaly webhook bot in WA channel
  • Fix channel badge icon not sync in room list
  • Fix outside office hour autoresponder triggered in served room by agent
  • Fix partial broadcast stuck


For further information, feedback, or questions about the changes above, please feel free to drop us some feedback at

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