Implementing Best Practices for Securing Qiscus Widget

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Maintaining the security of sensitive information exchanged between businesses and customers is of utmost importance. The Enhance Conversation Security feature from Qiscus aims to increase the security of conversations that initiate from the Widget channel.


Enabling this feature triggers the automatic creation of a new chat room whenever a customer uses a different device or browser to send messages to your Widget channel. As a result, customers using distinct devices or browsers will be unable to access the conversation history. 


This feature becomes accessible starting from Qiscus Omnichannel iOS Widget v2.3.0, and Qiscus Omnichannel Android Widget v2.2.0.

You can enable this feature via the Settings menu on each Widget channel.

Once you enabled this feature, there will be a Secure icon on the Chat & Customer Info page.

When you add a new Qiscus Widget channel, you are required to agree to the Terms of Conditions that have been provided and the Enhance Conversation Security feature will be automatically enabled. But you can disable this feature afterwards via the Settings menu.

See full documentation here :

Security in Qiscus Widget


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