How To Create A Catalog For WABA Shop Integration?

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Good news! Now you can add a catalog to your WhatsApp Business API Profile.

You will see it on the customer side's top right of your WABA profile.

This article will show you how to create a catalog, fill out the items, and then connect it to your WABA.


How to create a catalog

1. Go to Commerce Manager. You will be redirected to this page, please make sure you are using the account with access as admin to the FB BM where your WABA is connected.

2. Click on Add Catalogue to create a catalog.

3. Select the catalog type. Here, you can create any type of catalog you want, but if it's meant for the WABA catalog, please choose the E-Commerce type.

After choosing the e-commerce type, choose the online product type.

4. After choosing the type, click next to continue, and you'll see the configuration settings. Here you can relocate the catalog ownership if necessary by clicking on catalog owner, and creating a name for your catalog (it can be changed later)

5. After you have made sure all the details are, click on Create button. And your catalog is created!

Fill out the products and products details

After creating the catalog, you will need to fill out the items for your catalog.

1. Click on View Catalog, or go to this link to find your catalogs:

2. Click on items, and click add items button on the top right screen to add the products to the catalog.

3. We are recommending choosing the manual method to fill your products, but feel free to choose any other method. Click next to proceed.

4. You will see a dashboard where you can fill out your products here. Click on New Item to add other products and details. After you finished uploading the products, click on the upload items button.

5. After Clicking on Upload item, you will be redirected to the Catalog > Items. If later you'd like to add other items, just click on add item button again.

Connect your Catalog with your WABA phone number

You need to connect the catalog to the WABA to see it on your WABA profile. Here is the step you can do to enable it on your WABA profile.

Grant full access to the catalog to Qiscus.

1. Go to Business Setting:

2. Click on Data Source, and then Catalog. You will see the list of catalogs you have created.

3. Choose the catalog you'd like to integrate with WABA and click on "Add Partners"

4. Choose Business ID and Add Qiscus Business ID. Please let your Account Managers or Qiscus Support team know if you need an assistant to get Qiscus Business ID.

5. Enter Qiscus Business ID, and grant a full access.

6. Click next, and let us know if you have invited us to your catalog. Our team will do the rest of the integration for you.


Important notes:
1. WABA Catalog can't be used for Facebook or Instagram Catalog, or any ads. It needs to be specialized.

2. Catalog will be available on your WABA profile within a few hours after our team inform you that they have successfully integrated the catalog with your WABA.

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