Changes to WhatsApp Authentication Template Requirements

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Effective June 1st, 2023, Meta has implemented a new WhatsApp CPB pricing rule that affects the content and length of the Authentication Template. The following guidelines must be adhered to:

  • Content Limitations: Authentication templates cannot include emojis, links, or any form of media.
  • Length Limitation: The parameter value within the Authentication Template should not exceed 15 characters.
  • The new template created after this date should only have exactly one of the authentication buttons 

Please take immediate action to verify whether your current Authentication/OTP templates comply with the new requirements. Non-compliant templates may be blocked by Meta, causing potential disruptions to your OTP process. We strongly recommend reviewing and modifying your templates to meet the revised specifications. It is important to note that previously created OTP templates that conform to the new rule will still be functional after June 1st. However, any template that violates the new guidelines will face the risk of being blocked by Meta's platform.


As mentioned above, the new Authentication template must have Copy Code button and must use Meta's preset template for the body and footer. So you can only edit the "Copy Code" text into another text you want to, add security recommendation (optional), and the expiry time (optional).


Example template creation:


Example result:


See the following documentation to send the Authentication template message using API:

How to Use WhatsApp for OTP Authentication 

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