Omnichannel Chat Version 3.18.0 Release

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Announcement: April 27, 2023


Hi there, Good news! We have made some improvements in Omnichannel version 3.18.0. You can fully experience this version starting April 27, 2023. Below is the list of changes:

  • Marketing Opt-Out

Businesses should consider adding a marketing opt-out option to avoid negative responses after sending out marketing campaigns via WhatsApp broadcast messages. Apart from opt-out, adding an opt-in option allows customers to agree to receive future notifications from your business via WhatsApp. Therefore, sending WhatsApp message templates containing opt-out and opt-in helps the company evaluate broadcast content and opens the door for customers who opt out to return to receiving marketing messages. The latest feature from Qiscus will help you easily add opt-out and opt-in buttons when creating a new WhatsApp template. In this feature, you can also view complete analytical reports on customer preferences and feedback on messages sent. Find out more about Marketing Opt-Out here.




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