Omnichannel Chat Version 3.15.18 Release

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Announce: 5 January 2023


Hi there, Good news! We have made some improvements in Omnichannel version 3.15.18. You can fully experience this version starting January 05, 2023. Below is the list of changes:

  • Adding Last Update MAU on The Subscription Page

Qiscus adds information about Usage Activity on the Subscription page to make it easier for you to find out how many Monthly Active Users (MAU) you have used. This information will be updated every day at 4 pm.


Other Enhancements:

  • Improvement on Index Elasticsearch performance

Other Bug fixes:

  • Fix chat rooms move around
  • Fix the broadcast log is stuck on sending status due to restart job / deploy ENV
  • Fix the issue of MAU on the last payment
  • Fix the issue of the start chat button changing
  • Fix failed to send broadcast with Upload from CSV method
  • Fix new session webhook is sent twice
  • Fix error on Block Customer feature
  • Fix User Interface break in square resolution
  • Fix created some new pages when integrating Facebook
  • Fix the initial chat from the customer not becoming a new chat room even though the old chat room has been resolved with the sessional room setting on
  • Fix allocate assign agent issue
  • Fix bubble chat issue


For further information, feedback, or questions about the changes above, please feel free to drop us some feedback at

Best regards,
Product Team

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