How to update/edit my WhatsApp message template?

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Several business accounts often use WhatsApp message templates to share the latest information with their customers. Recently WhatsApp has a policy to be able to update templates that have been submitted. However, you need to know some of these points as limitations to be able to make changes to the WhatsApp message template :

  • The message template name field is limited to 512 characters.
  • The message template content field is limited to 1024 characters.
  • A template can only be edited when it is in a state of Approved, Rejected, or Paused. A template can be edited once per day, up to 10 times per month.
  • WhatsApp Business Accounts can only create 100 message templates per hour.
  • You can only update your template once in 24 hours.

So if you already know the points above. You can immediately change them on your Facebook Business Manager dashboard, then sync on the Omnichannel page via Outbound Menu > Whatsapp Message Template > click Sync Now.


Just so you know, updating/editing this template can only be done for accounts that use the Embedded sign-up method so they have access to manage the FBBM dashboard.

If you can't find your template, please reach out to us, we will help update it for you.

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