How To Apply For Green Tick For WhatsApp Business API Account?

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One of the benefits of using WABA is that you can register your WABA phone number to get verified and seen as a trusted brand. WhatsApp has determined that a notable and authentic brand owns this account. An "Official business account" has a green checkmark badge in its profile and next to the header in the chat thread.




To get this Official business account checkmark, you used to have requested it first from the BSP. Sometimes it took a while because there are many accounts that requested this feature. But now, with the launching of self-embedded signup, everyone who has registered their WABA through an embedded sign-up can request it directly from their end! Make the process faster, and you can monitor it right away from your Facebook Business Manager!

Prerequisites. Before you proceed please make sure all listed below:
Business verification is complete.
✅ The profile display name is approved.
✅ Two-step verification is turned on.


Get Your Green Tick With These Steps

1. Make sure you have been registered through an Embedded sign-up. If you are not sure, no worries, let's move forward to the next step.

2.  Go to your Facebook Business Manager, Click on WhatsApp Account > Pick the WABA account > Click on Setting > Scroll down > click on WhatsApp Manager, or simply click this link instead: If you registered through the embedded sign-up, you'll be supposed to see your WABA phone number(s) there. If you can't find it, please contact us instead to help you make sure.


This is how it is supposed to look like from your end if you registered through an Embedded sign-up.

3. Click on the gear logo or setting on the phone number row that you'd like to request a green tick for.


4. If you see it blank, just hit refresh, and you should be able to see some menus there. Just to make sure, click on the Two-step-verification menu, and make sure you have enabled the 2FA.


5. Now, go to the Profile menu, you should see the Official business account request there. If the submit button is not greyed out, you can request it right away by clicking the button "Submit Request".


6. After clicking on the Submit Request button, you'll see a form, please fill it out accordingly.


What To Fill On Each Form

After clicking on the Submit Request Button, you will see this form.


This is what you should fill them with:

  1. Business Website: Usually, it will be filled automatically, if not, please submit the website that you used for the Business verification.
  2. Reason for request: Let Meta know why they should give you the green tick and why you are eligible to receive it.
  3. Optional): Provide Meta with local/International news coverage about your brand. You can add a minimum of 1 article, and max 5 articles. The more coverage your brand was getting, the higher the chance for you to get a green tick! PS: You can't use blog posts from your own domain, please submit news from the other domain.
  4. Name in original language Optional): In case your brand has another name, feel free to submit them. If not, please leave it blank.
  5. Optional): Let Meta know you have a legit brand by having a fan or brand page account, please fill it with a link to your brand's Facebook page. If you don't have it, you can leave it empty.

If you still got confused, feel free to watch this video to help you visualize the steps:

How To Request For Green Tick Video

Else, you can always contact us through the ticket or Your Account Manager.

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