Why does my Omnichannel appear blank?

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Normally the omnichannel dashboard will open in a short time. But in some cases, some accounts experience blank or slow problems when accessing their dashboard.



If you encounter this problem, we suggest taking several steps below:

  1. Make sure the internet connection used is smooth and stable
  2. You can use one of our recommended browsers, either Mozilla Firefox or Google Chrome. Make sure you always use the latest version of the browser.
  3. Please try to hard refresh (Shift+Ctrl+R) on the constrained tab.
  4. Clear cache and cookies on the browser, then try to access the Omnichannel again.
  5. Try to access the Omnichannel on incognito page.
  6. Please try to use another internet provider. For example, you can use network from cellular operator with Tethering or Mifi.

If these steps have been done but the problem is still encountered. You can report it to our team by attaching the following details :

  1. Email and account role used.
  2. Browser and version used.
  3. Device and Operating System used.
  4. Internet provider used.

So, our team will try to replicate the details that have been provided to check the problem found. Please create a ticket to https://support.qiscus.com/  if you found same problem after doing our suggestion.

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