How to create botFather for Telegram Integration

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This article can be used as a reference for the telegram channel integration.

  1. Please open your telegram apps, then you can search by keyword "BotFather" and select botFather have verified account

  2. You can get started by typing /start, or you can directly create a bot by typing /newbot.
  3. Follow the steps where you have to fill in the name and username for the bot to be created. If successful, then BotFather will give a message that the bot has been successfully created and a bot token is given to the message. This token is used to integrate into the omnichannel dashboard.

  4. Copy the bot token given then paste it on the Telegram Integration page in the Omnichannel dashboard, and click save. The Bot Username and Bot Name will be automatically filled if successfully integrated.

Please note that the account will be integrated is the bot account created. So, if you make a bot account with the username QiscusTrial_bot, the message that goes to the Omnichannel dashboard is the message sent to the bot.




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