Why Autoresponder doesn't work?

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There are few factors that affect autoresponder behavior :

  • Office hours : Autoresponder lets you create 2 message templates, one for inside office hour and the other for outside office hour. Check you office hour setting to make sure which template is active at specific hour.
  • Bot integration : Autoresponder wont reply to customer when bot is enabled
  • Room has Served : Autoresponder wont reply to customer message if agent has been assigned to the message.
  • Keep sending check box : By default auto responder will only reply once when conversation is initiated. If you want autoresponder to keep automatically reply to every customer messages you can check the option below on autoresponder setting.


  • 1 Minute delay : If you check the option above, autoresponder will only reply every 1 minute to avoid interrupting customer when they send message in multiple chat bubbles.

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